I am

I am a motivational speaker, author, trainer and coach.

As well as a special agent in marketing.

I am steps away from the norm and will create solutions for you and your business, that are therefore extraordinary.

I work with brands and people that are not afraid to be unique.


I look at your business with the eyes of the customer, and can therefore help you find new perspectives in business. I dive in, become temporarily part of your team and your ventures and will develop a strategy matching your companies or business ventures needs.


Be known. Grab attention. Boost sales.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

- Albert Einstein -


I work with my clients in partnership.

I act entrepreneurially.

I perceive changes as chances.

I consider innovations as as important and continues drive for competivness. 

I support further education and creativity.

I create individual solutions and measurable results.

I act sustainable and socially responsible.

My personal mission statements

1. I represent the voice of the customer.

2. I monitor evolving business and gather customer insight.

3. I will be the steward of your company or your personal brand.

4. I am able to upgrade marketing technologies and skills within your company.

5. I will be able bringing insights into the corporate portfolio and its synergies.

6. I Messure and count for marketing financial performances.

7. I can help you excellerate your sales and conversion rates.

8. I am the storyteller of your brand and help you to define boosting messages.

9. I am your reliable partner. Every step of the way.

10. Excellence – for me – is an attitude.

My vision is a world of marketing, where openmindedness is common playground.

excellence -
is an attitude.
it is my attitude.

I stand for transparacy, fair play and equal rights for all stakeholders. My marketing and promotion skills will counterpart your companies communication channels, target markets and strategies as well as logistic issues.

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My network of specialists share companies values and have great practical experience in different industries. When I offer business solutions, I am guided by your corporate rules, as well as your success orientation. High quality and trust. This is what I stand for.

My responsibility is to provide you with the right solutions, clear and accurate calculations. I am result orientated and focused on your business success. I stand for my goals that feed from yours, and I share your values.

My goal is simple - I want to help businesses to create the greatest possible success by providing the valuable services you need at a reasonable cost. I believe all businesses small and large should have access. I am happy, when my clients are, too. Actually, this is quite simple to achive: because each time we solve a problem - happiness is imminent.

The new times ahead of us need new thoughts, new ideas, new ways of business. I will help you to find new directions and overcome crisis to start receiving profit despite all the obstacles.

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